The cold weather has gone to my head

I'm on some sort of crafty roll here, I guess. When Valentine's day rolls around I tend to feel a little bit frustrated about trying to come up with something new under the heart-shaped sun. It's all been done before, even this activity but the good ol' ex-con continues to inspire. And making this heart garland was actually quite fun and perfectly suited to the boys.

There was crayon sharpening. Melting of wax, tracing and cutting of hearts. And it hangs in our large, sliding glass door and catches the sun.

And the knittle project I was working on? These guys:

Inspired by the memory of your hearts last year, Stephanie. Pattern here.


Stephanie said...

Totally awesome! I love the crayon shavings. And those little knit hearts are great :) I didn't make any this year though...I've been too busy getting ready for my first festival. I love how they all look hanging together. Some lucky kids will be happy :)

Mary W. said...

I really enjoy your blog, Liane! Your creativity is impressive -- as is the fact that you somehow find time to make so many nifty things.

Liane said...

Thanks, Mary! I'm not always this good with the craftiness but when I do it ends up being therapeutic for me so that helps.