My music man

My Grandpa S played a mean harmonica, at least that's how I remember it. Somehow I managed to inherit the heavy wooden and stainless steel instrument he stored so carefully in a cloth case. Adam discovered it several days ago, picked it up and began to play. That is, he began to breathe in and out and move it back and forth. I was nevertheless impressed.

He is at that music loving age. He hears a tune and runs to me, saying, "Up!" so we can dance. He plunks on the piano, he nods his head and twirls around and hums loudly. I hope that it lasts. And I hope Grandpa wouldn't mind the slobber on his harp.

Music: from "Just Like A Woman". Because there aren't too many earthly things as good as a Dylan harmonica solo.


Claire said...

LOVED it! Loved the spinning especially...and loved how Drew started orbiting him...Is Adam wearing a Chairman Mao jacket?

Liane said...

Ha,ha,ha...yes, that jacket is an oldie but goodie, it does have an Asian look to it. And yes, I dress my son in tights.

Shari said...

Claire always seems to be cracking me up in her comments. Lol at the Chairman Mao jacket question.

Brent just gave his harmonica to Maisy recently, and she puts it in her mouth all the time and "pretends" to play it. But she won't blow, no matter how hard I try to show her. :-)

That was such a great video.