A few weeks ago, Ethan was raving about how much he liked playing with the wooden blocks at school during indoor recess. It reminded me that my kids did not have a really good set of their own. The next day I read over on Simplemom about classic toys; items that would be worth an investment. One of those featured was a set of blocks by Melissa and Doug.

Melissa and Doug tend to produce good quality stuff and are usually pretty pricey. So, I turned to my trusty Craigslist for help. And there I found a listing with a brand-new-in-package set of 60 pc. standard blocks for a great price. Still available! As well as a friendly and accommodating lady who owned them.

The blocks are beautiful, smooth and heavy. Very pleasing in a tactile sort of way. Love them.

And I love finding the occasional Stonehenge springing up around my home.


wideyed said...

We used to have a set like that. Good memories :D

Susan Elizabeth said...

Yup, so did we...about 35 years ago...but they look the very same! Glad you found them.