When your son complains day after day about a boy who "will not let him use the tire swing" at recess, the tire swing being all his heart desires:

A. Tell him to ask nicely and wait his turn.

B. When the Tire Swing King still does not permit access, tell him to just ignore him and find something else to do.

C. Entertain fantasies of storming the playground yourself with some harsh words for the TSK.

D. Finally, in frustration, tell your son he must "stand up for himself" and take his place upon the coveted rubber throne in a firm, deliberate manner.

E. All of the above, with no success.


Susan Elizabeth said...

Hmmm...interesting quiz! Let's see...I would probably tell my son that the other boy must not know how to do unto others, etc...and that poor boy is missing out on the joy of sharing! How sad for him!

I would tell my boy to ignore and find something else to do...maybe bring him there on a non-school day and let him swing to his hearts content!

(I would also fantasize about going down there and kicking him off the swing so my son could enjoy!!...and/or giving the teacher in charge of recess a piece of my mind for not paying attention!!)

JJ said...

F. Tell him to brush up on his Friday Night Smackdown moves and to not take "no" for an answer! =)

It's a tough call, I know, and so painful to watch.

Patrick Randall said...

Tell him to cut the swing down, so no one can use it.

gretchen said...

Things like this just make me angry. I probably need counseling.

I have no useful advice at all, but I'm on your side! And Ethan's!

Liane said...

I am happy to report that Ethan has found a solution, of sorts. He races to the swing the moment he's out the door and gets there first. It's working for now anyway!

Heidi said...

I love that Patrick Randall comment, made me laugh right out loud. That's perfect. Made me remember the Shel Silverstein "Prayer of the Selfish Child" Of course was my favorite as a kid and would be my solution to the problem. Hilarious. Glad Ethan found his own answer and is a fast runner.