In the land of cotton

Although we arrived a little later than originally planned, we were able to pack a lot into our few days in Georgia. My family helped us plan just the right amount of fun, kid-friendly activities to fill our time.

On the only real rainy day there, we headed to the Georgia Aquarium which is an amazing place. Ethan was reading up on sharks and sting rays leading up to the trip and I'm so glad we were able to brave Atlanta traffic and make it there together. Claire, Aiden and my mother accompanied us. In spite of the jostling crowds, and all the walking which tired out the kids, it is already a treasured memory.

There's a little historic park and playground not far from my parents where the boys were able to explore a little train and ring its bell among other attractions.

One sunny afternoon, we all returned to a local wildlife preserve, Noah's Ark, which we had visited last time we were in Georgia, about a year and a half ago.

We brought a picnic lunch and then walked along the trails, enjoying the variety of wildlife. The noisy monkeys were a highlight.

The real highlight of course, was being able to visit with family, to watch the boys play with their cousin Aiden and get to know grandpa and grandma, Uncle Brad and Aunt Claire better.


Heidi said...

How do the kids seem to grow up so fast between our "playdates?" Looks like a great trip, I love the picture of the shadowy boys in front of the fish aquarium.

Claire said...

"...old times there are not forgotten...!"

gretchen said...

Look away, look away, look away Dixie land...

Sorry, but you started it.

Great pix, and I loved all the ones on Flickr as well. So glad it was such a good trip!