The beginning of the ends

I mentioned starting this project several months ago. I pull it out occasionally and work on a few squares. Lately I've been focusing on it more and am beginning to see the light. I only have about ten more squares to crochet but am waiting for yarn. In the meantime, I've begun tackling the weaving-in of yarn ends which I forgot to crochet in as I went. There's a lot of them.

You might not think much of them but this is what progress looks like.


Anonymous said...

I get a sick feeling in my stomach looking at all those yarn ends.


Melody said...

I have to say, weaving in yarn ends is my least favorite part of the process. It definitely pays off in the end, though! I love the pattern you chose; the colors in your yarn-ends picture look like they turned out great in the blanket. Post a picture of it!

gretchen-the-knon-knitter said...

I don't get it. I probably don't even want to know. Whatever it is, it looks like a lot of work, but I totally love the colors. Can't wait to see the final product : )

Brenda Jo said...

Thanks for reminding me that progress doesn't always look great!

Liane said...

Gretchen, you knon-knitter, you-
The ends are just all those pieces of yarn hanging out at the end of a project (where you started, changed color and ended) that have to be woven back into the project with a needle. Rather tedious esp. with all these multi-colored squares.