Get your craft on

Nothing like a little crafting to help me break out of some serious blogging block. (Blogging block: A combination of laziness, constant fatigue, no desire to write anything at all, nothing to write about, molasses brain, always something better to do).

Anyway, last week I saw a blog post which reminded me of a fun craft Ethan and I had tried out a year or two ago and enjoyed. I was inspired to try it again.

We don't really have all the official tools but we winged it with some egg-carton and meat tray foam, acrylic paints and anything we could find around the house for the 'print-making' process.

It's just a matter of drawing a design on the foam which the kids did with a marker and then using a blunt tool to deepen the design (which I did for them), spreading some paint, flipping and applying even pressure (we tried spoons and our fingers) on paper.

The designs need to be fairly simple which was tough on Ethan who wanted to draw all sorts of intricate, magical creatures. Drew was more interested in mixing and spreading paint on multiple surfaces.

Did you ever notice that May and June are lousy with birthdays, graduations, mother's and father's day, anniversaries and all manner of card-worthy events? The great thing about this project is the stamps we made can be used over and over. Mailbox, here we come.


KJ said...

Fabulous! I love the artsy pictures of your beautiful boys :) (as well as your use of "lousy" - haha)

Claire said...

Molasses brain- that's a good one.

My word verification word: blega. It's blogger in New Zealandish.

gretchen said...

You are amazing. Do I say that too much?