A blue cycle

"Look at me go
I'm riding a bicycle
It's so much more fun
Than that small little tricycle"

I got a bike for Mother's day. Keith believed I might fall off on my first ride. I don't remember the last time I was on a bike. But, after adjusting the seat and the gears, I was off. Ten years old, flying away before my mother's voice could call me back to chores. No worries. Just the wind.

I'm excited because there are a lot of great places for riding around here. We had our first family bike ride, minus Ethan at school, a couple mornings ago. Buckled the little ones into the bike trailer and explored the winding subdivision roads. I have to work on my endurance for the distant, more exotic spots.


Susan Elizabeth said...

Good for you, Liane!! Looks like a ton of fun for you and the ones who get to be towed!

JJ said...

That was a neat gift and will make wonderful memories for years to come. Be sure to fasten up your helmet!

gretchen said...

Ha! I can totally relate to the feeling of being afraid of falling off because it's been such a long time. Sometime in the past few years I got on a bike for the first time in MANY, and it felt downright dangerous! Surprising how it all comes back so quickly though.

HurRAY for bike trails and a bike trailer and a new bike to use on them! May you have many carefree hours with the fam!

kw said...

Bike trailers are big over here. They scare me! I can hardly carry a toddler in a bike seat behind me. A breath of wind threatens to blow me over!

Shari said...

We've been riding our bikes too, Liane! I just wish we had all the green that you guys do. Oh, and your photos are amazing. I love them because I truly adore slice-of-life photos. You seriously are a wonderful photographer. :)