That time of year

Second grade. Windows cracked open, the cut-grass smell noisy in our heads. It's a fun project day and our moods match the end-of-year weather. The ultimate in instant-gratification gardening: the ubiquitous Project Bean Sprout. Styrofoam cups are labeled, the large seeds buried and watered, dirt spread on our desks. The cups lined up in trays on window sills.

I remember that did-it-myself satisfaction, presenting this gift to my mother. Now, on the receiving end, every year since Ethan started preschool, I feel a double pleasure holding my hands out for this sturdy little sprout. The pride of his accomplishment and the memory of my own.


gretchen said...

Great story, totally conjured up scenes of my first and second grade classroom. I love your writing, and I love your photos too.

I should do this ultra-traditional project with the boys...Or better yet, get someone else to do it with them and have them just bring it home to me!