Hitting the trail

School's out! We planned a little celebratory bike ride for the morning. It was perfect weather and we were able to beat most of the crowds by getting to the trails early. I love the way you can stay in the woods all the way downtown and pop right out at handy places like the library.

After our visit to the library, the bike trailer piled high with books (summer reading program here we come!),we headed back out to Main Street, got a little snack, sat by the river and shared with the ducks.

Drew went down to explore the stream and reported sadly, "There's nothin' in there!" I asked him what he expected. "Sharks and dolphins!"

On the ride back home we stopped at the Municipal park (I finally found the other part of the park, Heidi...you're right it's much nicer!) There was a little pond where the kids got their feet...and knees, and legs wet as well as great playgrounds.

We explored dinosaur hill which is basically just a little, rocky jog off the main trail with a fun little bridge and a great big tree trunk to climb on. It eventually leads to a nature preserve but we didn't go that far.

Back at home, we finished our adventure by mapping it all out in a topographic fashion, all perfectly to scale of course.


Heidi said...

No fair, we're still stuck in schooool!!!

Liane said...

Whaaaaaaaat? Still in school? Maybe that has something to do with Troy's great school ratings.

gretchen said...

You are such a good mom! Way to celebrate the start of summer vacation! And that summer reading program gives me some good ideas...