I realized it was time to tidy up my bookmarks the other day when it took me five minutes to scroll to the bottom of the list. After filing and deleting I was left with a few I'm keeping for the time being. I know you are interested in what I've bookmarked.

Here's a few:

At some point I thought it might be fun to pick strawberries. I did some searches and ended up here.

Elephants on the brain.

Avacodolite Farm, in the name of mindless fun.

Hamtramck Star. Long story.

A couple of green links for my inner Al Gore.

The sport that rules our lives.

OT jobs. Keeping my eyes out.

Thinking about switching pediatricians.

Ibert seat. A girl can dream. And why do people bid on ebay, days before the listing is up? Are you trying to inflate the price?

Believe it or not, I haven't had to use this one much lately.

What do you have bookmarked?


Patrick Randall said...

I am one of those people who bids on an items days before the auction ends, for precisely the reaction it elicits from people like you. I know that when you see my bid, you will be intimidated at the claim I've staked, and will be less likely to enter a bidding war with someone who appears to be bent on winning.

As for links... the only interesting ones besides the one to your blog are:


(an awesome site that tells you whether computer games are compatible with your system)

(the alien alphabet used in Commander Keen-- I know I will need it someday)

Sara said...

Hi there! Sara from www.MamaGoesGreen.com ! I'm honored to have kept a place among your bookmarks! Here's a free shipping code, for you or any of your readers: eBfreeship
Happy Greening!

Heidi said...

Hey I have the worlds best pediatrician if you want to go to Sq Lake and Woodward. Christa Shilling at Pediatric Specialists of Bloomfield Hills. Also has Dr. Mahoney and Dr. Kim Coleman, fabulous!!! Love them all.

Liane said...

Pat-how do you possibly have time to learn both mandarin and the standard galactic alphabet?

Sara, thanks for the code!

Good to know, Heidi...I'm looking for someone who lets me delay some of my kid's shots. My dr.'s policy just changed on this and it's getting harder to find delay-friendly practices.