A morning out

Today we ventured into the big city to check out the Detroit Science Center. Halfway there, I discovered I had forgotten my camera. I was pretty upset at first and Keith even offered to turn around and get it but it would have added an extra half hour to our trip. I suppose it was good practice for me to just enjoy myself without a camera along.

Keith was able to take a few pictures with his cell phone camera so we at least have some record of the day.

In spite of a few rough spots, it was really a worthwhile trip. The museum had so many great hands-on exhibits and things that all of the kids enjoyed.

It was especially nice because the place was very quiet. We had it all to ourselves at first and never felt crowded or trampled by the masses.

Here Ethan stands on a scale which tells you what you'd weigh on the Moon, Mars and Venus. I thought about trying it myself, enticed by the gravity-free numbers. Sadly, there were Earth numbers too.

We managed to find parking in the creepiest underground parking structure known to man. It was dreamlike and deserted. One lone attendant ushered us into the close, crumbling space, mumbling incoherently. It looked like no one had parked there since the race riots of '67. There was, however, some pretty cool wall art all along the periphery which made me really miss my camera. Ah, Detroit and its buried treasure.