Sewing some more

With all these projects lately I know I'm running the risk of that question: How do you find the time? Simple: neglecting my house and the general cleanliness of my family. I'm actually kind of offended by this sentiment in general. I think people make time for leisure in their own way. It just may not look like someone else's choice of relaxation, that's all.

At the risk of being overly defensive, this latest accomplishment came about as a direct result of chronic insomnia. After a largely sleepless night, I woke up yesterday at 5:30 and decided to just stay up and get stuff done. It is truly amazing how many very useful and practical things I was able to complete in the hours before everyone woke up. As a result, I felt justified in starting up a project I've had on my mind for months now.

This beanbag chair pattern caught my eye last year. It looked simple enough. Also it's free. I did splurge and order two yards of some fabric I loved and planned to use it with some denim I had on hand. When I priced the styrofoam pellets for the filling in my local craft store, I began to have some second thoughts. One small bag was fifteen dollars and I knew it would take several bags, making the finished project much more expensive than a brand new chair from a store.

Also, after printing out the pattern, I had some difficulty understanding the directions. My visual-spatial skills are minimal and I just could not imagine how the initial cutting out would work. The pattern designer was very gracious in returning my email and explained it more to me. Still, I did not want to make a mistake and ruin my beautiful fabric. I went on to something else.

Recently, I thought why not make the beanbag as a cover for our old, pleather beauty which sits on our living room floor like some unsightly blemish. I puzzled over the directions some more, trying them out on paper first and finally it clicked for me.

After the cutting, it was really quite simple, even the velcro closure.

And, it fits over our old beanbag chair perfectly.

The boys put it to the test right away, using it as a landing pad for flying leaps off the couch. Then, of course, the fights broke out.

As is customary, I took way too many pictures.

Now, I'll go slave in my kitchen. I promise.


Heidi said...

Very cute, I love it. I have also read somewhere that people use beanbag covers to house the kids stuffed animals instead of buying "real" bean bag filling. Sounds good to me, a cushy bean bag and a place to store all the stuffies? Have a great 4th.

Liane said...

Ah, awesome idea...get rid of those ugly beasts and make a chair all in one. Genius!

gretchen said...

I love it! Way to conquer the visual-spatial challenges and produce a delightfully functional work of art : )