Filling Summer: Week 3

Yesterday, the kids and I tried our hand at making some "bird cookies". I was a little dubious about how this might work but either way, I figured, kids enjoy measuring, pouring, mixing and using cookie cutters.

This recipe calls for flour, water, corn syrup and birdseed.

Mmmm...there were far too many times I walked by this cookie sheet as the 'cookies' dried for hours and felt a brief lift of excitement at the possibility of something good to eat. So sad.

The trickiest part was transferring the shapes to a drying sheet. The mixture was a sticky mess and would have been tough for a child to keep intact.

After they dried for hours, they did firm up quite a bit. Next time I might add some peanut butter for a little more 'glue'. Reminds me of another great bird recipe we had success with long ago.

In the end, I got lazy and threw the rest in a big mesh bag. I think the birds will forgive me.


kw said...

so did the birds like em?

Liane said...

The jury is still out...a few birds have pecked at em but they don't seem to be a huge draw. I'm thinking the seed may be too stuck together for them to pry apart.

gretchen said...