Filling summer with vacation

We recently returned from a short sojourn to the western part of the state. We loved Grand Haven last year and decided to return to a few favorite spots as well as explore some new ones.

We even managed to try out Michigan's Adventure, a large amusement park in the area which is something I'll be glad not to repeat for a few more years. Ethan enjoyed the rides though and there were a few good moments there.

We're stretching out our vacation by taking some fun trips from home this week. Today we hit the zoo. I'm not sure Drew had ever been and even with the dreary weather we had today and the usual angst about anything and everything, we had a good time overall. I think.

Pictures...they tell the story better than I could right now.

I did have some fun looking through and comparing pictures from our first visit to the Detroit Zoo, over four years ago.


gretchen said...

Wow, the pictures are so beautiful! And that last one is amazingly clever. I was struck by how similar Ethan and Adam are to each other -- especially the eyes. Neat!

So glad you had some family getaway time. And it's good to have the pictures, so the actual stressfulness of the trip fades into the background, and in the memory it becomes more and more idyllic : )

gretchen said...

Loved the pix on Flickr too -- totally gorgeous!