On a Mission

...to track down school supplies for Ethan and the rest of his class. And to figure out what the rest of my tax money is used for.


gretchen said...

Oh my word I love shopping for school supplies SO much! Staples is one of my favorite stores in town, and I love this time of year for the excuse it affords me to shop there. Construction paper was on a great sale the other week, and I have SO much of it now! Of course, I'm only buying what I want to: no one is giving me a list, suggested or otherwise, and I'm sure that's part of the charm : )

kw said...

How insane that it has to be ELMERS and other name brand stuff...good grief. Store brand will suffice I think?! I would be so mad if they made me do that.

Claire said...

SOAP? You have to bring soap?! And disposable snot rags?! Why don't they ask you to bring a year's supply of toilet paper while you're at it?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is absurd... I don't remember our teachers caring so much about our school supplies when I was in elementary school!

Good luck with the start of school!


ps, as I was going through my winter things from Russia I came across the fingerless mittens you knitted for me! Thankfully Russia did not destroy them too much. Definitely packing them for the UK! :)