Turning 2

In this house, "the terrible twos" refer to the first two years of life. All of my kids are monstrous for that time and gradually, in the months leading up to their second birthday, things improve. Sleep becomes more regular, whining, screaming and frustration decrease.

On Saturday, Adam turned two. True to family form, he is friendlier, and happier. He is sweetly affectionate and doles out kisses freely. He hasn't outgrown a fearful temper but its frequency is less.

Happy birthday, Adam!


Claire said...

Happy Birthday, Adam! I'm glad you have the Terrific Twos instead of the Terribles.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to adorable Adam. Gram C

gretchen said...

Happy happy birthday Adam (only slightly late here)!!!

I agree, I love when they hit 2 and start to become real people. In my opinion 18 months is around the worst age and stage, but once they hit 2 it starts improving.

Bring on the good times!

kw said...

He does have a powerfully but impressively fierce temper! Good thing is that hopefully it can be channeled! I'd like to put my worst enemy in his clutches when he's mad though, and let him have his way with them:)