A Girl's Garden

The deer ate my tomatoes, the weeds held their own but there was some satisfaction in the bits that did make it, in spite of my neglect.

"Her crop was a miscellany
When all was said and done,
A little bit of everything,
A great deal of none."


gretchen said...


Our garden was a bit of a disappointment this year as well, but what we did have was wonderful, including the green beans -- yum! A favorite summertime snack for me.

Anonymous said...

Having the deer eat your tomatoes is much better than looking at diseased plants. I had Ralph get rid of the plants because it was so painful to see our crop destroyed. Maybe next year! Love the monkey and all you guys. Gram C

lizw said...

Gorgeous photographs, and produce!

Susan Elizabeth said...

Finally got to plant my first vegetable garden in 9 years!! (due to the demise of our pool) I had great success, for someone who hasn't seriously gardened in that long! The kids were amazed that the little seeds we planted in May became such a lush garden in the end! (they don't remember 9 years ago, apparently!)
Already looking forward to next year!