To make your eyes glaze over

Keith really wants me to write something unrelated to fibers or textiles. I'm sorry but this is all my brain can handle right now. Knitting, knitting and more knitting.

As the days get shorter, the evenings cooler, my knitting reflex is triggered. I can't help myself. I'm trying to stick to my stash for the most part and quick, mindless projects like hats. Everyone needs a hat, right? Almost as much as I need to knit one.

The first hat was inspired by the Ski Beanie I saw in this book. I modified it since it was a pattern for an adult but it ended up too small even for Adam. Yeah, I'm good. With rare knitting persistence, I frogged it and added some length. Now it fits Drew! And Adam too. All good. Details on Ravelry at some point. I really like this pattern.

Another meathead! Made from one skein of Lamb's Pride Superwash Bulky I found on ebay for all of $2! Love.

The skull and crossbones from the Skull Cap pattern on Ravelry, was my first attempt at intarsia in a long time. It was supposed to be for Ethan and I'm not sure what I did wrong but it's a little too small for him.

Let the cold weather begin!


Susan Elizabeth said...

I LOVE the mustard colored hat...I've got to show Melody this post...
And you can post about yarn and textiles ANYTIME! We here on Chestnut Hill LOVE that sort of thing!!

Melody said...

I have to say, Liane, that I absolutely love your photography perspectives. And it helps that you have three very photogenic models. :)

I wish I was better at knitting! I love the meathead hat in that color; great job.

Anonymous said...

I made the ski beanie hat for Tim and loved the pattern too. Somehow your pictures are a little bit cuter than the ones I took. Also, great ebay find (and use).


p.s. I really do read and enjoy all of your blog posts, but only have the energy to comment on those that are fiber related.

Liane said...

Thanks guys! I am liking the mustard-y color more than I thought I might at first.
Shannon, it occurred to me to look you up on ravelry last night and befriend you...not sure why I didn't before.

gretchen said...

Oh my word is that Drew, second from the top? I've never seen Keith's side of the family so blatantly before! A M_ _ _ _ _ _ to the CORE!
(As opposed to a M _ _ _ _ _).

I never noticed whether you're avoiding using your last names on here, but this is just in case you are : )

Oh, and of course, the hats are great too. Being totally non-fibery myself, nonetheless I never cease to be intrigued, fascinated, and yes, amazed, by all your fibery-ness : )