Riddle me this

This morning I set out for a nearby sale. I arrived fifteen minutes early and joined the line already forming outside the door. Of the ten or so people in front of me, I would guess that only two were younger than seventy. We waited. I checked my cell phone, changed it to vibrate, deleted messages. I checked my watch. The woman next to me took out her cell phone and turned off the ringer. The elderly man in front of me pulled out his phone and fiddled with it. I glanced at my watch.

The line grew and turned the corner behind us. People walking by stared. An older lady near the front of the line talked non-stop.

A minute before ten o'clock, a woman came out and stood before us. She was there to establish some ground rules. "Once you are inside it gets a little crazy. Because of this, we ask that you do not bring in boxes or stack items on the floor. Instead, fill up your bag, purchase your items, deposit them in the reserved spot, take your receipt, and if you wish, go back inside to purchase more."

She then moved down the line to make this announcement one more time.

The doors were then opened and we made our way into the large room. I crossed over to my favorite section where children's items were set up. I began to sort, search and fight my way into corners, working around people who sat on the floor. I stumbled over whining kids.

I stood shoulder to shoulder with other shoppers. An elbow dug into my back. I was prodded, bumped and squished. I worked my way around the room, squeezing between silent pillar people, craning my neck.

After an hour, I had filled my bag and went up front to pay. I spent seven dollars and took away fourteen items.

Where was I?


Emma C said...

Hmm...not the Filene's basement bridal sale - the crowd sounds much too docile. I'd guess a fabric or craft store except for the elderly man (yes, I'm gender stereotyping - oops!). I was momentarily mislead because I thought the lady said "snack items" instead of "stack items" (I'm hungry). A bookstore? Other than tat...No clue!

Heidi said...

A mom-to-mom sale?

Darren said...

The local library book sale?

Ours opens next Monday.

Liane said...

And...the BookBeast gets it! Although it is a bookstore of sorts so Emma was right too.

Heidi, we should hit a mom2mom sometime together. Haven't been to one in ages.

gretchen said...

Rats, I was way off. Well, not way off, but off anyway. I was thinking local church rummage sale. But those are good too : )