A is for Apple

With high hopes of encouraging Drew's recent, albeit rather late-blooming, interest in letters, I decided we would work together on making an alphabet book. Looking through my photos, I've found pictures to represent most of the letters.

Any ideas for Q, X and Z?


the Joneses said...

Quilt, Quiet


Zipper, Zoom

What a very good idea!

drewey fern said...

How about xenophobe? You could take a picture of... um... I won't suggest anyone:)

laura said...

hey Liane---checking to see if you got my email about the newness-of-life.com blog? just found another one you might like: fromadesperatehousewife.com

love you.

gretchen said...

Do you have Quizno's out there?

What about Zoo, or Michael suggests Zimbabwe? I'm sure you have lots of photos of that : )

Stephanie said...

Because it's a fiber...uh....Quivit? LOL. I know..I know...me suggesting something knitting related. So shocking right?

Liane said...

This project definitely justifies a trip to Zimbabwe! Thank you, Michael!

Ha,ha, Stephanie...W for weaving in, S for stitch marker, Y for yarn over...you've got a good idea there!

gretchen said...

B is for Blogging. I miss yours!

Clever of me, I know. When you get back from Zimbabwe, please post again soon!

: )