Point to something that's red

More germs than inspiration in the air these days but I do have a new finished knit to share. *Cheers, Applause, Loud screams of joy*

My first ever Wonderful Wallaby for Adam. I made size 4 since I'd heard they run a little small and it just fits, but not for long. It took two more skeins of yarn that the pattern called for (Knitpicks swish superwash, Fired Brick) and even then I ran a little short on the hood.

Otherwise, it was a simple, quick knit. It's soft and warm and Adam likes the pockets.

Next time I'll do stockinette stitch rather than garter stitch on the hood. Garter stitch just tends to make things look more homemade than strictly necessary.


lizw said...

Impressive! An adorable sweater for an adorable little man. Happy Halloween.

Claire said...

I love the sweater! A great color and a great pattern/style/whatever you call it. I think Grandma S. is rolling over with pride and admiration in her grave... Love that bottom picture of Adam! Just want to hug him to pieces.

gretchen said...

Adorable is the word, indeed. The boy and the sweater both. But my favorite part was the "loud screams of joy" : ) That made me laugh right out loud--thank you!

And really, I love all the posts about knitting and fibers and whatnot--totally foreign to me, but still fascinating. Honest!

Heidi said...

That whole blog was in a foreign language but I got this out of it: you MADE that amazing sweater for your sweet, adorable little Adam :) If I have said it a million times, I'll say it again, you are my super-hero. Spectacular, babe!