A bit of craft

It's been a couple years since we tried out freezer paper stencils. I can't remember now what inspired me to try again. Maybe it was this great book I got for Christmas, or something I saw online or just the fact that we had a four day weekend with extra crafting time.

I realized I have plenty of plain old onesies that we could decorate with fairly unisex designs. We used some fabric paint I found in the basement covered with dust and spider webs, although someday I'd like to experiment with a little more color variety.

There are ton of tutorials out there. The entire process is as easy as finding or creating a design you like, tracing it onto a sheet of freezer paper (shiny side down), cutting out the design with an exacto knife, ironing the freezer paper lightly on top of the fabric and filling in with fabric paint.

Freezer paper stencils

Ethan chose a picture of Godzilla online which both he and Drew were thrilled to use.

Drew's godzilla shirt

I also found a few ideas I liked.

More freezer paper stencils

Ok, so there's an awful lot of blue in there. Just being realistic.


gretchen said...

Ah yes, that "unisex" with "but-it-must-be-a-boy" in the back of the mind...I recognize the signs

: )

Regardless: they're ADORABLE, and as usual your creativity and ingenuity and craftiness etc., etc. amaze me!

Liane said...

Thanks! Two more days til we find out!

Leslie said...

I found your blog today through Keeping Up (http://thebookbeast.blogspot.com/). And boy (no pun intended), am I glad!

What AMAZING photography! And this T-shirt idea just made my day. I emailed it to my husband. My oldest boy is 4 and he will just be filled with pride when he first pulls on a shirt that he has designed and painted. Oh, I can't wait!

I adore your blog, stories and wow, these photos...

Liane said...

Thank you, Leslie...you made my day! I've been sort of allergic to my blog lately but hope to get back into it soon!

the Joneses said...

No, Liane! Don't be allergic! Don't be sucked in by Facebook! Also, glad you're posting more.

-- SJ