Soccer practice prep

Five cleanish sweatshirts/jackets: check.
Two pairs of two different size diapers: check.
Wipes: check.
Trash bag for dirty diaper: check.
Four hats: check.
Snacks for two: check.
Water bottles for three: check.
Stroller: check.
Chairs: check.
Blanket: check.
Soccer ball: check.
Cleats: check.
Shin guards: check.
Toys to (hopefully) occupy two boys for an hour: check.
Four cleaned and dressed children....hmmm, check.
Pacifier: check.
Extra outfit for baby: check.
Keys, wallet, sunglasses, cell phone: check.
Basic grooming of self: maybe next time.


Heidi said...

What do "grooming" and "self" mean?