What I'm loving right now

The color that is coming:

My recently completed Monteagle bag:

It expands to hold a large amount of objects and is deceptively strong. I used some yarn I'd had in my stash forever (Berroco linen flax) but ran out on the handle. Only then did I discover this yarn has been discontinued. Thanks to a kind soul on Ravelry who was willing to sell me a skein from their stash.

This top-down bonnet for Sadie:

I made it a little big, remembering that this pattern tends to run small. Little heads grow so fast. Used Paton's silk bamboo which is nice and soft but terribly unforgiving yarn. I dropped (and fixed) a couple stitches and it looks like a Tasmanian Devil had a party in the dead center of the hat.

Ethan's schoolwork: (I love that soccer has become a coping skill)

Finding the perfect color for Sadie's room. And making some progress there. (More to come on that soon...I hope.)

Beautiful weather and a nature walk with Adam and Sadie: (with Sadie asleep)

It's rare that I have any quality alone time with any of my kids these days. I'm trying to make it a priority. With Ethan and Drew in school, for a few mornings a week, I'm able to give more attention to Adam.

We had fun searching for little bits of nature to bring back home with us.


gretchen said...

Aiiiii! SADIE! You're BEAUTIFUL!

And oh my word I love these photos! Love the bag of fruit, the nature walk, the self-control worksheet, all of it!

Love YOU! Thanks for this!

Heidi said...

OMG, that little girl of yours is GORGEOUS!!! Kiss her little head for me. That is such a great picture of her. I am going through Liane withdrawl as you could probably sense from my overwhelming texts today :) Tell me when you have time to come over again and have a coffee morning. Hi to the boys, special hi to E from P.