The truth about Andrew

Quite recently, someone told me to my face that my brother's funeral was much too long. Also, it seems, we were "deifying" Andrew. Stunned, I dismissed it as the nonsense it was, even as my mind flew silently to Andrew with a Jim Halpert stare. I said, only, "Hmmmmmm." When it comes to confrontations, I have a rich fantasy life.

I was angry for a long time. But then, as I sometimes do, I thought (not to deify him or anything)-what would Andrew say if he heard this? "Yeeah, I'm gonna need you to go ahead and stop deifying me, mmm-kay?" Something like that. He had a way of diffusing rudeness with humor and just the right amount of sarcasm.

I may be a little bit biased but I'm not stupid and I'm not blind. Yes, sir, I'm remembering him correctly. All that good stuff you heard? It's true.