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I'm becoming a grown up. I'm making my own bread. Regularly! If four weeks in a row counts as regularly. Really, I'm getting into a groove and it hasn't been that bad. Usually I do the baking on Sunday, using Farmhouse White Bread recipe and we are set for at least a week with 3 loaves. (We consume lots of sandwiches around here)

No more frantic bread runs to the drugstore where the bread tastes like ground up cardboard.

This recipe really seems to work for me and I'm even able to sneak in a cup or two of wheat flour without anyone noticing.

The biggest key to my success though, has nothing at all to do with yeast amounts or rising times. It is a bread slicer I found that does not turn my loaves into a crooked, crumbly mess. I cannot recommend a good bread knife enough. I am actually able to cut straight, evenly sized pieces of bread. It's a lot more motivating to bake bread when you know you'll actually be able to use it.


the Joneses said...

That's what I need. A good bread-slicer. As it is, there's no hoping that we can use homemade bread for sandwiches because I can't slice it decently.

Congrats on bread-baking! I'm impressed!

-- SJ

gretchen said...

I aspire to the day when I will regularly make our own bread...I daydream about it off and on, but only occasionally actually get around to doing it.

Rejoicing with you!

Heidi said...

OMG!! I can DO this!! I can bake my own bread, too!! I don't feel like I have to "disown" you for your many homemade efforts :) I have a very yummy potato bread recipe if you'd ever like it. I feel that baking bread is it's very own art, I love every minute of it, every smell, every texture, every rise, every punch. Glad you're having fun with it, too.