It's a long one

"Everybody"-Ingrid Michaelson
"The Melendy's Go Abroad"-The Innocence Mission
excerpt from John Williams' Star Wars "Victory Celebration"


KJ said...

Wonderful! I love your family so much :) I loved when Drew was swinging with his kite attached.... and when Sadie was introduced (I forgot about her momentarily). Hope you'll make it East for Thanksgiving... I need to meet her, and enjoy the rest of you too!

gretchen said...

That was awesome! Shawn just got a new hard drive installed, and something is messed up with the sound, so I watched the whole thing with no sound and it was still utterly delightful!

I forgot about Sadie too -- suddenly there was this baby and I thought, "What!?" Oh yeah : )It's been too long since I've seen you guys in real life...

Thanks, this was great : )

Anonymous said...

LOVED IT! Ethan's #24 jersey made me happy. How'd all those kids get so big? I can't wait to see you all in a few weeks!