A kitchen success

Is it still considered blogging when you only visit your blog to mess around with the header once a month or so? Also, when I change the title font html, why does the change only show up on my laptop and not on other computers? Doesn't make sense. And is there any legitimacy to my feeling abused upon discovering another blog with the same super-original title as my own? Seriously. Because I have exclusive rights and all.

Deep breath.

There have been some halfway blogworthy events around here but not so much time, energy or motivation to make them interesting in print. Even reading some of my favorite blogs has been a challenge to my attention span lately. Ah, the shameful quick fix of facebook.

I can't let December slip away without some mention of festive times, can I? Today we conquered gingerbread men, in more ways than one and, unlike last weekend's pre-fab gingerbread "village", it wasn't a total disaster.

Our chief inspiration came from Drew's current fascination with the gingerbread man story which his teacher read aloud and gave to each student as a Christmas gift.

We followed the recipe on the back of the book.

I set aside expectations. All of them.

Which really seemed to help us achieve overall goodwill.

For all men.

Except for poor Mr. Gingerbread Man.


gretchen said...

I'm impressed, especially that you managed to let go of all expectations: that is certainly the secret of at least happiness, if not success. If I know that why don't I do it more often???

Heidi said...

Glad to see a new post from you, have missed you. Curse the holiday season for messing up our coffee catch-up session :) Merry Christmas to you, Sadie, and the boys, love you.