Starting with a bang!

I'm feeling depressed and dazzled by all of the day's opportunity for resolve. Dazzled is a little strong but there is something about hanging up a new calendar. A fresh start, another chance to meet those goals, lofty and mundane. I WILL run a 5K! I WILL clean my bathroom before mold grows in the toilet!

Something is telling me, a good place to start is the Christmas tree. Maybe it's the spider who has made his home in its branches. Or, the fact that much of the tree has migrated to the floor.

I've been noticing the 365 Project popping up in various forms all over the internet and can't help but feel the pull. This year, though, I am staying strong, standing fast against inspiration. I only made it 43 days last year and I am still mad at myself.

Instead, I plan to aim low. I do still want to improve my photography and love the photo challenges so, here's to more manageable goals on a monthly basis.

First, I bring you, "A Month of Bumbos". Because nothing says transformation and strength of character like a daily Bumbo shot.


gretchen said...

You make me laugh. Bring on the Bumbos!

Heidi said...

Let's aim to run the Clawson 5K together in July???