We've got a lot to look forward to around these parts. Spring break starts tomorrow and hopefully, very soon, spring itself will pay a visit. One can always dream.

Ethan just finished winter soccer and will start the busy spring (did you hear me, spring?) season soon. Drew is excited to be playing micro soccer as well. I'm fairly confident he is ready, unlike the last time we tried. 4 days a week of soccer! I'm going to pretend that makes me really happy.

We are also excited about a new girl cousin, soon to be born! Any day now, right Claire? I can't wait to see pictures, and someday meet her in person. In the meantime, making stuff for her is the best I can do.

Of course, I'm going to show you what I made. Musn't disappoint.

I finally tried out Christine's Baby Booties, a popular pattern kicking around ravelry and the knitting world for years. Wish I'd tried it sooner for my own babies.

Had to make Sadie a pair after I finished these. They really do stay on better than any other sock or soft shoe she has. I used a combination of old stash sock yarn for Sadie's so they aren't beautiful but they are warm with room to grow.

Claire told me about a great product she had her eye on called a diaper clutch. It's a changing pad which includes a pocket for storing wipes/diapers and rolls up for easy portability. There are some really nice ones available on etsy and a whole lot of free tutorials and variations online.

I decided to attempt one, using a very straightforward tutorial found here. I found I had some vinyl in my stash which seemed perfect for the changing pad side and paired that with a heavy-weight cotton for the outside.

I liked it so much, I had to make one for myself. Quick, easy, cheap and practical. My kind of project.

Also much anticipated: Maple syrup, if we are able to gather enough sap. More to come on that if spring cooperates.


gretchen said...

Oh my word! Booties, diaper clutch AND maple syrup!? You're pretty much the coolest ever!

Happy spring break, and may it bring some spring with it, not just the break part. There's a winter storm warning out for us tonight. Yay.

: )

Anonymous said...

That picture of Sadie made me smile all over! What a charming little sweetie! Miz B

Liane said...

Ugh, Gretchen, I heard about your snow prediction. I shudder in sympathy.

Thanks, Miz B!