Just in time

"A little madness in the Spring
Is wholesome even for the King"

We finally got a prolonged taste of sunshine and warmth yesterday. Like moles blinking in the sunlight, we emerged, pulled out patio furniture and basked. Ah. It felt good.

It's probably a little premature but nothing could hold back the flip-flops, shorts and bubble soap.

And, of course, the mud.


gretchen said...

Ahh, warmth outside. Such a beautiful concept : )

And mud is so relative, isn't it? I mean, my feelings for it shift so drastically according to context. At this time of year it's almost--ALMOST, I said--a beautiful thing.

Liane said...

And now...winter has returned indefinitely. We had an inch or two of snow Monday!

gretchen said...


Spring, WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!?