This little light

I'm in the habit of heading over to Whipup whenever low on inspiration. Before I know it, I'm frantically bookmarking one idea after another. Tis a literal portal of crafty goodness.

A couple weeks ago, Whipup offered a digital "mini-mag", the Action Pack, full of creative, kid-friendly ideas, accompanied by beautiful photographs and step by step instructions. It has so many activities I know my kids would enjoy. All for $5.

Knowing that I had all the materials available, I was itching to try making our own beeswax candles since I bought it. This weekend, in spite of Ethan's almost constant work on a school project due tomorrow, we found some time to try it out.

I told the boys we were going to make candles and asked each of them, starting with Adam, how they thought we might do this. Good thing I had a voice recorder nearby.

Adam, "Mix the jellyfish(!) and put the candle in it and then put a salt in it and that's it."

Drew, "You get a jar and then a white thing and then a string and then a 'firematch'."

Ethan, " You take one of those white cup thingies and um, have that stick thingy sticking out of it and then pour the wax and then let it dry and then burn the stick in the middle."

Ok then.

I dug up a LARGE brick of beeswax and we began the daunting process of whittling it down to a more manageable size. The grater was tedious but the most reliable tool.

I think I might need a new one now.

We also grated some small crayon stubs for color although I think this might have been unnecessary, really. They were small enough to melt fairly quickly.

Ethan and I took turns with the melting. I used a double boiler method with a small saucepan and glass bowl, keeping the heat around medium.

We added essential oils for scents. Some choose peppermint, one lavender. Ethan asked if there was a bubble gum flavor.

Once melted, the wax was poured into little glass containers which we had already prepared with wicks (or white, stick thingies). That's it!

We were all pretty pleased with our accomplishments.

Now, for the clean up.


Heidi said...

Cute, cute, c-u-t-e!!! I miss you, L! Last week of March I am finally a free woman. Well... free meaning I have a husband again. Strange that I chose the word free but I digress... What do you say... coffee morning???

Liane said...

Yes, please! Maybe it will even be warm enough for an iced coffee. I promise not to almost-faint on you this time.

Heidi said...

LOL. I almost-fainted on my sister this weekend. Very funny. Iced coffee sounds dreamy...