Winter bug hunt

I recently stocked our "Chore Store" (story for another day) with items I grabbed from the $1 Target shelves. Some really great bug hunting paraphernalia. This week, Drew was able to "buy" the bug net with his well-earned chore dollars.

Of course I didn't really think about the detail that bugs would not be available for several more weeks.

No matter. We made our own bugs.

We cut them out and hung them with fishing line from the ceiling.

The preparation was a lot more satisfying than the actual execution. I hadn't really thought through what would happen after we hung the bugs. The boys took turns swinging away with Drew's net. (Of course I didn't get a decent picture of this) It didn't take long before all the bugs were "caught" and/or demolished.


Heidi said...

where DO you get your patience??
Is there a chore store for such a thing?? ;)

gretchen said...