Birthday girl

I am not one to romanticize phases of child-rearing. Least of all, the newborn drudgery. But I have found, not surprisingly, a growing confidence with each child and as a result, enjoyed Sadie's early baby days more than her brothers'. Long ago I threw out the stopwatch used to time feedings, the Babywise book that made me feel like a failure and only tried to take her temperature once in the first year of her life.

Armed with previous experience, low expectations and the memory of how quickly it passes, I resolved to enjoy every moment possible.

And here we are. One year later. I'm so glad I made a point to notice those squeaky baby noises while they lasted. To enjoy the excited discovery of older brothers.

He loves her

That ability to sleep soundly surrounded by noise.

Sleepy smiles

The sleepy smiles. The legs pulled up tight as she curled against my chest. That perfect fit under my chin.

2 weeks old!

I worked extra hard at that living-in-the-moment thing; anxiety, sleepless nights and clamoring siblings notwithstanding.

I'm also glad I took about a million pictures. Already I've forgotten so much.

Happy birthday to my baby. I can't wait for all the moments this next year brings.

Ready to devour


KJ said...

Absolutely beautiful! The post, the pictures, the precious little girl! So happy you have Sadie in your life! Happy (late) birthday, and someday I'll finally get to meet her :)

Liane said...

Thank you, KJ! Hopefully this summer we will see you!

gretchen said...

I LOVE this post. It really captures so much, so well, and is particularly timely for me now: what did you say, that "newborn drudgery" stage? Well, something like that...Thanks for the fresh inspiration to treasure my treasure while he's still so tiny. Now, must go catch a couple hours of sleep : )