I didn't go overboard

For Sadie's birthday, I had visions of tulle and flowers and all things nice. I've never been a girly, frou-frou type and do not get me started on child beauty pageants. But. After three boys I seem to have this need for a little glitz.


On the way home from soccer practice, I stopped by Jo-anne's with four sweaty, red-faced, muddy children to pick out some tulle. I considered a lovely shade of purple or green but the boys insisted on pink. No lie.

I was going to use this tutorial (sewing required) but eventually chose the no-fuss, no-sew one here, bookmarked sometime during my pregnancy with Sadie. I'm glad I did.

At the craft store, I also found the perfect flower edging which helped finish the waistband. I made a headband to match. The flowers are just strips of white fabric sewn on elastic in a circular pattern.

Not a hit with Sadie.

It didn't help that she was miserable and sick on her birthday. She wailed and squirmed and yanked at the torturous accessories until I finally took pity on her and removed them.

Will save them for another day.

Browsing through other people's rejects at a thrift store a few days before Sadie's birthday, I noticed a particular candle-holder and remembered another project I've had in the back of my mind for a while. (Check out her other awesome DIY ideas)

A cakestand! I've been wanting one and there was the perfect candleholder for $1. I searched for a plate that seemed to match and found one for $2.

Glue them together, let dry and you're done.


Adds drama to any cake.



Joanna said...

Will you come and be my kids' mother? They're lucky if they're even dressed in clothes on their birthdays!

Ruth Murray said...

I love the cake stand and your post about Sadie on her birthday! She's just adorable and I'm so happy you have a daughter!

Liane said...

Clothes are overrated. It's scary how long my kids can go in the same dirty, mismatched outfit.

Thank you, Ruth! Hooray for girls.

Heidi said...

Your cake was gorgeous, Sadie is the sweetest thing on Earth. And SO lucky to have you for her mommy :) Love and miss you, L. I'll email you about our first of what I plan to be many backyard days... countdown to summer vaca is on...

gretchen said...

LOVE that cake!

And the stand. And the tulle. And your amazing gifts and creativity. And your children. And I really love that you have a girl (and that I do too!).

Yay for all of it!