How bout them apples?

I almost never buy books new, what with this little thing we have called a library. Especially not recipe books, thanks to Al Gore's invention and all.

This book is one exception I treated myself to years ago after reading reviews on various blogs.


It is the happiest, most charming cookbook I've ever seen. Worth buying just for the photography. Almost makes cooking seem like something I'd like to spend time on.

The recipes? Oh yeah. I've tried a few. They've all been good.


The other night the cupboards were suddenly quite bare, the masses were grumbling and I went to this book for help. Apple bread. We had three apples left, one turned out to be rotten but only two were needed. Success!

Relatively healthy and really very good.

There were only a few crumbs left for us to fight over the next morning.



Ruth Murray said...

This cookbook looks delightful; full of great pictures and script. This is essential as far as I'm concerned, since I spend 90% of my time browsing cookbooks rather than actually cooking out of them. Incidentally, I've stumbled upon the wide world of food blogs and it makes for some pretty interesting browsing.
Change of topic here, but didn't you post something about a brand of sunscreen that was okay, as in, it won't increase your risk of cancer? I'm suspicious of your average sunscreen right now b/c of something I read and consequently haven't used a drop of anything this summer. Bring on that preg. mask! Any helpful thoughts on this?

Liane said...

Hi, Ruth!
I need to categorize my posts a little better so people can find things easier. Anyway, here is the post I think you might be remembering: http://seriously-lee.blogspot.com/2009/06/dr-barbie-hat-and-public-service.html

I put a couple links on that. We have used the Badger kind and really liked it. Found it at Whole Foods. Only problem with the healthier kinds is that they are often quite greasy and leave a white residue that is hard to really rub into the skin (something to do with the zinc I think!)
I really need to get some more myself.