U pick

After years of meaning to get out and try it, I finally managed to take the boys strawberry picking today, just before the season ended.

Heading to the fields

The morning could not have been nicer. Warm but breezy, perfect for picking.

Ethan was our master picker. He got right to work and gathered the majority of berries and would have stayed longer if I let him.

Ethan picks.  Drew watches.

In the meantime, I tried to juggle my camera and Adam and Drew.

Adam's self-appointed task

Adam did really well. He didn't fuss at all. Mostly he just stood still and ate berries.


Poor Drew was the one somehow baffled by the whole thing. "But, how do I pick them?"

"Just grab one and PULL IT OFF!"

"But HOW?" Moan, whine, wail, groan, give up.

We spent about an hour in the fields before giving in to Drew's pleas and demands.

10 pounds of beautiful, red, deliciousness! Ethan is full of plans for what we can make with them.


gretchen said...

AWESOME!!! My mouth is watering: somehow they just look SO much better in that last picture than they EVER do in a plastic container in the produce section : )

Claire said...

Ha haaaa! Drew!