Try, try again and again and...

Visual-spatial skills. I wish I had some. It would probably help a lot with the 'ol sewing ventures.

A few months ago, in time for Drew's graduation I managed to pull off a major sewing feat. Ties (purl bee pattern) for each of the boys and a dress and bonnet for Sadie. All in the same lovely Joel Dewberry(Chestnut branch eggplant) fabric.

That was before we found out that Drew would be wearing a "robe" of sorts (a white dress shirt of Keith's) for the ceremony. I still haven't photographed them all together.

a little big, maybe?

The bonnet turned out to be pretty small (not to mention Adam's tie being a little large--that was on purpose, though) so I set about modifying the pattern to make a new one. How hard could it be? Just make the lines around the current pattern a little bigger, right?

Wonky. And still a little small to be truly functional. Cute, though.

Bonnet modifications

A few days ago, I attempted the 90 minute shirt from Made. Only problem is, you make your own pattern.

I tried using a couple old t-shirts of Keith's. First try was a disaster. The arms were a puzzle to me. I stared and reread and stared at her detailed tutorial without comprehension.

I forged ahead. Behold:
Why I need a sewing pattern

Finally, on my second attempt, it clicked.

Not perfect but better. Also, a serger would help.

In the words of my wise A&P professor, "You don't have to be smart to be successful. You just have to be persistent."


Ruth said...

I love these creations! Little boy ties are always great, but how extra neat to be able to choose the fabric and make them yourself. And I LOVE the bonnet and dress on Sadie. Makes me wish i at least knew how to use a sewing machine; you have to start somewhere, you know. Looks like you're well on your way to hand-crafting entire wardrobes. That could really come in handy, not to mention the incredibly charming final product!

Emma C said...

That quote from your old prof is priceless. I might need to tape it to my desk. :)

Heidi said...

Your patience befuddles me. Beautiful tie on Drew and matching bonnet/ dress on Sadie, love the fabric, as I do all of the fabrics you pick. The t-shirt is adorable, I couldn't even imagine how difficult those little shoulder "flaps" must have been to conquer(sp?)!

gretchen said...