Angry Birds come to life

I saw this idea on Pinterest several weeks ago and had to pin it for future fun. Pure brilliance, I tell you! Since then, we've been on the lookout for rocks the right size and shape. We picked up one or two in northern Michigan and a few more in NH.

We started painting the rocks this week. Ethan helped draw some of the pig faces.

While out shopping today for last-minute school supplies, we stopped by a dollar store and were excited to find the same water-toy slingshots used in the original post. They worked well, once the boys got the hang of them.


Elaborate structures for the pigs were soon springing up.



Angry birds began flying.

Kingdoms were destroyed.


The only thing missing, that distinctive mumbo-jumbo battle cry of the vigilante birds and their piggy nemeses.


Melody said...

I love this!!! So creative, and it looks fun, too! Nice paint jobs. :)

Emma C said...

I want to play! I love the little trio of blue birds in particular. :)

drewey fern said...

This. Is. AWESOME!! :)

Heidi said...

That's AWESOME!!!!!!

Kim B. said...

Your pictures just capture so much -- the original angles, etc. You should PUBLISH or at least BLOG with ads.

Liane said...

Thanks, guys!