Doing the next thing

Hard to believe this month is almost over. A week of "firsts" is around the corner. Ethan starts fourth grade, Drew kindergarten and Adam heads to preschool. Soccer practices, already in full swing for Ethan, will become more of a challenge with Drew soon in the mix.

August has been busy- Ethan's birthday party (pictures here), soccer and our trip East (more pictures), filling up our days.

I keep waiting for life to slow down a little bit, to catch my breath, to feel caught up. Not gonna happen. Once school starts, life generally tends to get even busier.

Deep breaths. September, here we come!


Darren said...

I remember Mom saying a few years ago that while we were growing up, she kept waiting for life to stop being busy.

It finally did, after the last child left home :)

Heidi said...

Maybe we should squeeze in a yoga class to breathe, right? I can't believe Adam is in preschool I feel like HE is your baby. Kate has broken me down and gotten me to enroll her into soccer. What has the world come to? It's Rochester, maybe her and Drew will play eachother and our paths will actually cross in all of this craziness???