A day at the museum

Our city has been part of an exhibit sponsored by the DIA. In return, residents were offered free admission to the museum today. I've been wanting to go, but unsure how the kids would do.

This was the perfect chance to try it out, risk-free. We wouldn't have to feel bad walking away in case of major meltdowns since we hadn't paid a cent.


I knew by reputation that it was worth seeing and it did not disappoint. Ah, Detroit and its hidden jewels.

at the DIA

The boys did well, for the most part. Inside voices were strongly encouraged. No Picassos were defaced. Running and jumping kept to a minimum.

for Melissa

We let Sadie out of the stroller for a little romp and photo ops. She delighted us all by attempting to stand right beneath Van Gogh's self-portrait.

First picture of Sadie standing

The cheering that resulted was not entirely appropriate for a museum, I'm afraid.

"I could make that!"-Ethan

In the end, it was the usual hunger pangs that drove us out. Everyone was STARVING and I wasn't about to whip out goldfish under the watchful gaze of the Postman Roulin.

Culture. A little bit never killed anyone.

(More pictures here)


drewey fern said...

Oh Liane, these pictures are FABULOUS! Way to expose your kids to the greats:) You're my hero.

gretchen said...

AWESOME!!! You are inspiring! I totally want to take my kids for a little dose of culture, say, at the Boston MFA. Someday, maybe, but not today.

Leslie said...

I CANNOT get over these photos! The boys standing there looking at a large painting, the baby girl sitting pretty under Van Gogh! WOW! I can't imagine how awesome your photo albums are. I would love to have a beautiful photo of myself as a baby under a famous painting at a museum. I'm just so in love with this pictures! GREAT WORK! And stunning kiddies!

Liane said...

Thanks, guys! It was fun while it lasted:)

Heidi said...

Great photos! Love the DIA, definitely a Detroit "jewel", glad you went! I remember field trips there as a kid, haven't been back in ages, you are inspiring, may have to take a trip back soon. Still sad we missed that "forgeries" exhibit. Miss you! Loved E's guest post!