Guest post: Ethan blogs the Au Sable river


The canoe trip was one of the activities we participated in while in Grayling. Drew, Daddy and I went on the canoe trip. It was 3 hours. Drew was sitting in the middle. He did not paddle.

The weather was perfect. When we were about 10 minutes through the course there was an overhanging branch from a birch tree. We all saw it. We started paddling away from the branch but the stream was carrying us towards the branch. Finally it came to the top of the canoe. It skimmed the end of it.


I tried to duck but it was too low. It happened all so suddenly I do not remember exactly what happened but the next thing I know I was lying in the middle of the boat with my head hurting.

After 3 hours of paddling we got to the finishing station. I had a great time.



Claire said...

Good job writing, Ethan! Maybe you should have your own blog!

drewey fern said...

Yeah Ethan! Nice story telling: descriptive, suspenseful, and with touches of humor. Great job!

gretchen said...

Awesome story, Ethan! Glad you survived to tell us about it : )