Sun, sand and soldiers

We've been home from our little vacation now for over a week but I still like to pretend I'm back there. Minus the bugs, thank you very much.

We tried a couple different beaches on nearby Lake Margrethe. The one time I didn't bring my camera was the only occasion we brought along our raft. It was later punctured after that one use.

Camp Grayling beach

Enough of that, though. We were able to gain access to a military base, Camp Grayling, in order to try out the beach there. It was largely empty and we enjoyed our long stretch of sand.

Shooting into the sun

Keith filled me in on statistics about the base. Apparently it is the largest National Guard training spot in the U.S. It's not every day you glance behind your shoulder and suddenly become aware of several camouflaged men crouching below the trees, rifles up and pointed in your direction. A minute later, gone.

Very creepy.

Here's a little clip from the beach. If you watch closely, you can see a few soldiers running by in the far background.

Nothing like a well protected vacation.

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gretchen said...

Hurray for a beach to yourselves (mostly)! Wow!

Okay, come on, I watched that video three times in a row and I still can't see the soldiers...I'm determined to find them! Must be really good camouflage I guess : )

Liane said...

They are really hard to see, esp. when the video is so small. It's about 6 seconds in, they are back under the trees.