Up North

We've wanted to explore northern Michigan since we moved here. The furthest north I've been was Muskegon although Keith has traveled more. We generally try to reserve travel energy (and money) for our trips East and South to visit family.

But, this summer, thanks to a generous offer, we've been able to see some more of this great state. We aren't all the way north but close. A friend offered the use of his family cabin and we were excited to accept.

Discovery number 1: Northern Michigan has the coolest bunk beds ever. At least this place does. The boys are in heaven.

Bunkbeds at the cabin
It's been a bit wet since we arrived but we've been able to check out the lake nearby (Keith and the boys have anyway) and visit an elk herd which was pretty spectacular, really.

The weather is looking good for the next couple days. I'm so thankful that the kids will have these memories.


gretchen said...

Yay! Awesome! Hope you get some better weather, but it's amazing how even a week of nearly all rainy days can leave you with some of the best memories (yes, I'm speaking from experience!).

Love you so much!

Heidi said...

I'm so glad you got to experience "Up North!" Those bunks look fantastic. Hope the trip was everything you wanted.