Hot enough?


It's hot. Too hot to think. So here's what we did.

Yes we will beat the heat, Drill Sergeant

Amazing what a little soap and water can do to cool things off.

Car wash fun

And just how much kids can accomplish when they are having fun.

No car left behind

Car wash

The boys ended up cleaning one Ford, one Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, one bike and each other. Not bad for a scorching hot, summer day.


gretchen said...

Wow, we were only in the 90s today and I thought I was melting.

I kept half-hoping the boys would beg me to take them to the Lake, and feeling guilty for not suggesting it myself: it seemed nearly a criminal act not to take them, but the day seemed full enough--as they all do lately, somehow...Anyway, we survived.

gretchen said...

PS LOVE the black and white shot of the boys with the hose!

Leslie said...

These photos are incredible!!! Your boys are precious, and i love the Ford photo! It's true that boys and water are best friends.