Dont worry, be happy now

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought,
and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.

G. K. Chesterton

I'm feeling less than thankful at the moment. Really kind of sick to my stomach over some bad news today. Not earth-shattering-someone's-dying kind of news, just car-trouble-money-stressfulness. An ideal time to focus on other things. And hope that it helps.

Around noon today, the sun poked out. I assumed it was fleeting and ran to get my camera.


Trying to keep ahead of Sadie's ravenous wailing (if I let her she would eat every food item in the house, perishable and non) and frantic signs for "MORE, MORE!", I snapped a few pictures of my favorite flower. Who cares if they're a little brown around the edges? They manage a cheerfulness I could never achieve.

After getting Adam settled at the table with food, the sun was still around so I snapped a few more pictures of my latest knitting obsession. The boy hat. So far, so good. And the yarn (Malabrigo) is just right.


I'm looking forward to making a couple of these, maybe even three if I can stretch 2 skeins that far.

Even though I'm still getting the occasional tomato out of my own garden, it was nice to get 3 gorgeous, ripe ones all at once, along with some peppers, from a friend of Keith's.


Salsa came to mind and I tried this recipe, via Smitten Kitchen. It was perfect.

(A food photographer I am not)

Because we somehow had an excess of milk (that never happens), I made some yogurt today. It's really just a few minutes of stirring and keeping it warm for a few hours after that. Believe me, it tastes a lot better than it looks here.


Drew was supposed to have his first soccer practice on Wednesday but it was canceled and rescheduled twice since then because of rain. It is several miles away and I wouldn't even have attempted it myself without a car but Keith was home today and decided he could do it. By bike. With all the boys. He is braver than I.

In lieu of car
I'm glad I recently finished my custom safety flag for our bike trailer.


Sadie and I hung out at home and listened to her cry for a couple hours. Idyllic. Like in the movies.

But I did manage to get a photo of her boots in the three seconds that she wore them.


Now I'm sitting here trying not to bite my nails as it gets darker and darker and the boys aren't home yet. Back to square one.


Claire said...

AGH! I practically screamed with laughter at the part about how you stayed home and listened to Sadie crying... "LIKE IN THE MOVIES!" Ha ha haaaa- maniacal laughter. Oh my word! I am right there with you! Willow is crying for no other reason than to hear herself roar, it seems! She is quiet now, AT LAST, but at any moment, the beast will be unleashed again! GIVE ME STRENGTH! Oh, that little section about Sadie's idyllic crying should just win a Pulitzer Prize.

Heidi said...

I laughed so hard through that whole blog I choked.

gretchen said...

Well yes, sort of what they both said : )

Sorry it took such misery to get a post like this, but boy it sure was a great read, and the pictures were stunning as usual.

Thanks for the walk through your distraction/gratefulness exercise: it was lots of fun!

Now come on, what happened next? Did they get home? I want to know what happened after the nail-biting!

Liane said...

Just as I finished writing, they came through the door. It was almost completely dark out. Keith had stopped at a drugstore to buy little lights to clip on Ethan and the trailer. Phew!

gretchen said...

Hey, thanks for the grand finale! Glad they made it safely back--that'll be one to remember and retell...