Sew, a needle pulling thread

This summer I became the owner of a brand new sewing machine. Brought to me by birthday money and Craigslist. During a hasty exchange at a random gas station, a woman about my age took my cash and handed over the box. She told me with a look of mild disgust that the machine had been a birthday present to her. Her birthday loss, my birthday gain.

A few days ago, I finally got the chance to try it out. It's a Singer, like my old machine and a pretty basic model but definitely an improvement. It's smooth and quiet and has a few more options. I can't believe the difference it makes.

My first project was simple, basically just sewing pieces of elastic. The tutorial found here. (thanks for the inspiration, Shannon!) I was reminded of this idea while going through Sadie's old clothes. Old tights become knee-high socks. Simply by cutting and sewing elastic at the top.

Tights turned knee-highs

A couple weeks before my Craigslist find, I dug through debris at a nearby estate sale to uncover a beauty of another sort. No one else in the family currently sees its potential. I'm hoping Sadie will someday will agree with me. Because it's for her.

I showed it to her today.

Not the reaction I was hoping for.


First she attempted to poke out her eye.


Next, she sampled the antique thread.


It's missing a needle but supposedly it really works. I hope she gets some use out of it someday.


gretchen said...

Wow!That brought back a long-forgotten but surprisingly vivid memory: I had a sewing machine like that when I was little! Only mine was a bright green. And I don't think it actually worked...not sure, but I don't seem to remember using it.

Hope Sadie gets more use out of hers than I ever did. With you for her Mom she undoubtedly will!

Thanks for the happy memory. I should go dig through Mom and Dad's attic and see if it's still there...