Lonely as a cloud

By some freak of nature, I actually won a book this summer. Kids' Crafternoon Sewing, part of a craft series for kids, thanks to a giveaway on Floating Ink. Pretty exciting stuff!

It's a colorful, fun book full of great beginner projects and ideas. Hopefully it will inspire Sadie to try out her nifty sewing machine someday.

Or the boys, if they so desire. It's just easier to think of in a far-off, dreamy sort of way. Everything is possible in the future. Just don't ask me to teach anyone to sew TODAY. I can barely wrap my brain around tonight's math homework.

I did give the cloud pillow a whirl. Just looked fun to me. Whimsical and weird enough.

I like to use 100% wool stuffing rather than the poly-fill stuff for some projects. It feels a thousand times better. I buy mine from a Mennonite farm in PA. Over the phone (how quaint!) but they are reasonable and shipping is quick. (Earl Woolen Mill: 717-859-2241)

It looks like what clouds are made of.

Wool stuffing


Heidi said...

I recognize the pattern, we have a frog in that fabric that we love to pieces. Paige would love you for a mom :)

gretchen said...

Wow, I'm stunned: for the first time ever (?) I experienced a little flicker, a spark of something other than just the usual amazement and admiration elicited by your blog--hope? inspiration? desire!??

I actually found myself looking at this and for one brief moment considered the possibility of doing something like it myself.

Something about the simplicity of the cloud, combined with the idea of Callie getting old enough to care. Wow.

What a foreign concept. How...exciting? Thanks (I think)!