Bit by bit

(Friday foto)

It takes a little time
To get around
To doin’ it my way.
I’m gettin’ around to it,
Bit by bit,
In my own way.


Sixteen months and she is just starting to take some steps on her own. Next week we have an appointment with the foot doctor. Sometimes I feel like I'm being eaten alive by the constant worries gnawing at me from every direction. Because that's not at all melodramatic. It's just life, I know.

Adam has flunked out of preschool. Ethan has heel pain that won't go away. Drew is just Drew. And Sadie...always with the issues. Always.

And life just gets faster and faster and I get more behind.

Wow, that was depressing.


Emma C said...

Aw, hang in there, lovely friend. Kids are kids and they'll all grow up to be just fine. We certainly did.

Sometimes I think that parents these days really have it rough - there are just SO MANY things to worry about with your kids. Ignorance was bliss, man. Or maybe previous generations just hid their worry better. (Or, more likely, WE were kids and completely oblivious to how much our parents worried!)

lis said...

Aw, praying.

lis said...

PS One of us flunked out of kindergarten. You would never know it now.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to write something encouraging or witty or deep, but I gave up. But I am praying for you and send lots of love! Miz B

Leslie said...

Every child learns differently. It's silly, the system we have set up here. It's silly to think each kid is exactly the same with the same strengths and weaknesses. It's silly to think one teacher can teach to a room full of completely different-minded children. Therefore, moving each kid up and back in the school system all at the same time using their singular standards is absolutely ludicris! (See, I still can't spell that word, for instance, and I have a college degree, and I'm too lazy to dictionary.com it...) Grrrrr, makes me mad that those "teachers" make decisions about other people's babies.

None of that is what you needed to hear, especially from a stranger! But, I hope you are now feeling better about it today - in fact, I'm praying for you today.

Also praying for your sweet girl's doctor appointments. And for your son's heel. I also have heel pain that won't go away. I've been told it's a bone spur, common in the heal. There are strains on the bone there so the body produces more cartilage, and a build up occurs, and then the tendons are aggravated by that build-up. I've been told ibuprofen to bring down the swelling in the tendon, some bone spur exercises for my foot and gel inserts will help. I'm starting that now. I have NO idea if that's what is happening with your son, but I do know the heel pain, and it is not fun.

Geez - I'm always one of those people who say, "When someone's having a bad day, they DONT WANT ADVICE, they just want to get it out or on paper, so SHUT UP." Well, this was me not shutting up. Sorry about that.

That was HARDLY a rant post. That was nothin'. You should hear my thoughts... yikes.